The Perfect Christmas Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

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Well the holidays are here and gifts are on our mind. One of the most difficult challenges of Christmas is finding the perfect gift for the woman who already owns lots of gorgeous jewellery, and who understands what luxury is. Often, these ladies are well versed in the best brands and the newest trends, so how can one surprise them?

From all the options you have, unless you are buying the gift of a new car, there is one which stands out and will always be remembered. That’s right, we are talking high-end jewellery!

Here’s a little guide we’ve put together for you, to help you get that truly unforgettable gift which will be cherished for a lifetime:


Keep it Unique

Genuine Art Deco jewellery is distinctive in designs, quality of detail and workmanship. Today, it is highly sought after, as it was back in the 1920s and 1930s.

A number of now famous jewellers particularly in Germany and France created spectacular jewellery in this aesthetic. Keshett’s expert jewellers, Paula and Eugene source unique pieces and always carry a wide array of Art Deco industrial design jewels.

Keshett Blogs

Magnificently handcrafted in 14ct White Gold and Platinum, this stunning Original Art Deco necklace contains a central Pearl measuring 7.75mm with an intricate display of 44 diamonds in total equating to 0.70ct. See it in more detail here.

Dash of Colour

Colour is a big factor in choosing what you think works best. Remember, it’s about her not you!

Think of colours she is particularly drawn to, colours she likes to wear, or perhaps a colour that will represent her personality. In addition to the remarkable beauty the colours show, there is a deep meaning in every colour that exists. For example, red symbolizes ambition, strong will, and passion. Blue represents nobility and strength, while green symbolizes safety, harmony and growth. A popular color choice for diamonds is yellow as they symbolize joy, happiness, and intellect. If you aren’t sure, then choose a gemstone that represents what you love most about her personality!

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Give History

Sometimes, giving a piece of jewellery with meaning or history shows how much you know her. Think about where you met and relate it back to a piece of jewellery. It doesn’t need to be expensive but it has a lot of personal meaning for the both of you.

Have a look at these gorgeous circa 1960s pieces sourced by Keshett. Handcrafted in Nephrite, gemstones, rock crystals, these beauties are sure to please someone with a unique flair.


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Far left: This exceptional Swiss brooch, circa 1950s is handcrafted in 18ct White Gold. A delicate flower of Rose Quartz opens up to contain three petite diamonds with vibrant green Jade leaves creating the perfect floral brooch.

Middle: A distinctive Bee brooch set throughout with old European cut diamonds and a central body of Moonstone, set in 14ct Yellow Gold and Silver.


If all else fails, remember Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

If that’s a mantra you’ve heard her exclaim and you can afford it – go with that! Then again, use all the clues we’ve given you above and go with what you believe she will love. If size matters, and the budget allows, reach for the stars.


Keshett Blogs

Far left: A timeless Art Deco Diamond & Emerald ring crafted in Platinum! The intricate detailing and fillagree work showcase the artistic, vintage world that was the 1920s.

Middle: A spectacular, sophisticated, ultra high quality sensational pair of diamond earrings! This stunning pair sparkle with over 3.00ct of high quality diamonds inlaid into an intricate floral design. Set in 18 carat white gold, these earrings are divine!

Right: This distinctive Art Deco inspired diamond ring is crafted in Platinum, featuring a central diamond of 1.10ct further enriched by round and baguette cut diamonds totalling half a carat.


Hope we’ve made your task a little easier!

Happy buying.