Your Guide to the Perfect Engagement ring

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‘I do’ – Two words so powerful yet full of love and commitment. Getting engaged is promising a commitment for a long time. Two different individuals promise to share their lives together and live happily ever after. We know it’s a daunting task buy an engagement ring but we’ve tried and made it easier for you with the latest trends and predictions.


Recently, brides to be have shown interest in Art Deco rings with unusual cuts, unique setting and the good old European cut diamond is making a comeback, in fact master diamond cutters are trying to recreate the magic of old mine cut diamonds . We cannot deny the alluring beauty of classics but here’s a list of engagement rings that’s trendy at the moment and we feel it will stay trendy for a pretty good time.

Keshett Blogs

 “It’s nice to see brides recreating history by wearing vintage gowns and own a vintage ring, it’s like making their own little tradition,” says Paula Keshett. “Most importantly, you know your partner, you know their personality, so why not consider a ring that reflects her personality. Today, it’s all about women expressing themselves, celebrating their individuality and what’s better than jewellery”. So when it come to engagement rings, expect the unexpected, trends that are unique and non-traditional with a hint of vintage “We’ve seen brides-to-be transitioning from single metal to mixed ones and also combining diamonds with their favourite gemstones”.

“Also, when there’s so much changing around you, why not change your jewellery? Don’t worry about changing your style with time, you always have the options to change the setting “, Paula continues, “In our 40 years of trade, we’ve seen couples visit us to re-design their engagement rings”. If you have a sentimental value to the engagement ring then consider stack ring, they are a great option to redesign your engagement ring. Stack rings are edgy, stylish and can be a great option to make your ring look trendy.


So, here we have a list of rings that have been in fashion and will continue to be trendy for times to come

Keshett Blogs



Round Brilliant

It’s arguably the most famous cut till date, timeless, classic and always trendy. Its appealing on the finger, shines like a star and probably will never go out fashion. Did you know Round Brilliant cut date before 1750? But with better cutting technology in 1873, it became an obsession with the women in those days. Even today, Round Brilliant Diamond accounts to almost 50% of total diamond sales (survey by the Knot)

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An original Art Deco circa 1920s old European cut diamond weighing approximately 1.10 carat, sparkles from within a geometric square frame in this beautiful Art Deco ring. Handcrafted in platinum and embellished with a stunning millgrain design, this vintage diamond is surrounded by twenty two single cut diamonds held together in 8 claws. Note the fine filligree work around the shoulder. This is truly one-of-a-kind

Art Deco inspired

The era that still inspires many, it was called the roaring 20s and Art Deco jewellery especially the engagement rings style is trending! With geometric patterns and abstract designs the rings featured a lot of platinum with diamonds and gemstones making the ring built to last.

A 1920’s Art Deco inspired masterpiece. The central stone is a Round Brilliant Cut diamond of 0.93 carat set in a halo style with 16 natural emeralds surrounded in a cushion shape. The second halo is a beautiful onyx giving this ring a unique look. There are 6 Round Brilliant diamonds around the shoulders (3 on each side) in a fine mill grain setting.

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Assher cut

Thank you Pippa Middleton for bringing the Asscher cut back in vogue. Not only Pippa, Gwenyth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel, and Jessica Alba are some of the few celebs who adorn the Asscher. Well, this ring gives you a unique Art Deco feel with a modern look.

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This distinctive Art Deco inspired diamond ring is crafted in Platinum, featuring a central diamond of 1.10ct further enriched by round and baguette cut diamonds totalling half a carat.

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Emerald cut

The Emerald cuts is probably the most famous choice after Round Brilliant and why not, it oozes sophistication and class. Now Beyonce wears an Emerald cut engagement ring, do we say more!   Amal Clooney is the latest addition

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Matching Platinum Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

If you like a perfect wedding band to match your engagement ring, then look no further! Set in platinum and certified by GIA, the central diamond is an Emerald cut totalling to 1.81 carat and 4 tapered baguettes of 0.20 carat to match the engagement ring.

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Hope we’ve made your task a little easier!

Happy buying