Art Deco Brooches For Men Making A Resurgence

Keshett Blogs

Keshett Blogs

Clint MacArthur our valued customer wore this beautiful 14K White gold and silver diamond brooch for an Art Deco themed party

Art Deco jewellery is making a major come back and it’s not only in women’s jewellery, in fact men are making quite a statement as well! from cuff links to tie pins from rings to the newest additions of brooches. These statement jewellery pieces give a whole new meaning to sophistication, modernity, fashion sense and we are loving it!

Keshett Blogs

Featuring a vintage Art Deco brooch/Pendant. This piece is rub set with Old cut Round Diamonds. The piece also features a 11mm button Cultured Shaped South Sea Pearl and finished with one Baroque Cultured South Sea pearl. The pearls have a good lustre, fair skin and grey colour Diamond Colour/Clarity – I – VS/SI Estimated Total Diamond Carat weight – 8 Carats Estimated Pearl Dimensions – 33mmx33mm Total weight of the piece – 15.2 grams


“The rise of men’s brooches is part of today’s changing fashion sense, in earlier days, men’s jewellery were limited but we are witnessing a fluidity, power of expression and versatility, which is amazing”, says Paula Keshett, owner of Keshett jewellery. “I personally love buying Art Deco cufflinks, seal rings and brooches for our men’s collection and I have seen a surge in purchase for these beautiful piece of art”, she says.

Now do you remember Pharrell Williams at the Oscars, wearing a Chanel white gold, diamond and pearl Pluie de Camélia brooch, he wore on his black Chanel tuxedo, along with multiple strands of black pearls.


Keshett Blogs

It was quite a statement and who else could carry opulent jewellery like Sit Elton John, I specifically remember An art deco sapphire and diamond clip brooch with Old brilliant cut and baguette cut diamonds.


Keshett Blogs


From Dolce & Gabbana  to Chanel, many fashion houses have featured men’s brooches featuring various genres and inspirations derived from nature.

It’s like using the endless ideas to themes, motifs and forms.

Keshett Blogs   This beautiful brooch is set in 18K white gold with 25 diamonds totalling to 0.44 carat and 26 natural emeralds of 0.52 carats.


Keshett Blogs   This stunning brooch is original Art Deco circa 1920s. Set it platinum with a sizeable Citrine in the centre and 22 old European cut diamonds totalling to 0.55 carats around it.


Keshett Blogs   Its American from the 1920s and its stylish! This brooch is set in platinum with an old European cut diamond in the centre totalling to 1.00 carat and 30 diamonds around it plus two natural sapphires.


Keshett Blogs

Zachary Quinto wearing our Antique Victorian Diamond Flower Brooch at the Tony Awards 2018


Keshett Blogs   Look at this stunning brooch, its rustic, masculine and yet makes a elegant style statement. Made from 14K yellow gold the central diamond is 0.42 carat with intricate gold work and the enamel is adored by 18 diamonds of 1.02 Carat

Jewellery is a form of art and it shouldn’t be limited to women. A subtle yet bold statement can be made using different metals and gemstone giving it a masculine feel yet maintain a statement of beauty.